We are a young African company which deals in African arts and crafts which are handcrafted in Ghana. This is to promote local Small and Medium Enterprises by serving as a bridge between the local producer and the international market.
We believe in the satisfaction of consumer needs through quality and affordable goods and services.
We hope to meet all your needs and see that smile on your face after leaving this page with the product of your choice.
Obeng GROUP.

It has always been our dream to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in society by leveling the grounds of play. By giving a common platform, there is equal opportunity to compete in both the local and international platforms. We at Obeng seek to serve as the platform on which such equality would be met. We seek to bring equal opportunity to all and also bring the producer and consumer together to satisfy needs. Satisfaction of consumer needs is one of our main priorities without doing away with the producer as well.
As an organization, we welcome ideas from all backgrounds(political, social, economic, religious, etc..) to help satisfy needs with consumer preference in mind.
We hope you enjoy your time here with every page you visit.

Thank You.
B A S Obeng.