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Life in the mirror

Posted by [email protected] on May 5, 2014 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (1)

  Life sometimes feels like a safe road that leads us to our desired end a few miles ahead. Like a racing course, the cheeers from the other side of the road keeps us going on until the very end. The sight and sound of those around us (family and friends) serves as a morale that propels us during the race. We keep our heads high and put that smile on our faces when victory has been achieved and sometimes a frown, but in all we know that our families and friends have played a role in our race.

In life, we are all not so fortunate to get the support and encouragement to achieve the dreams we have set for ourselves. When there is no support and no one to call upon when we reach a threshold in our lives. Sometimes life can be very difficult when there is no ear to listen to our plight, mouth to console us, hands to share warmth and a heart on which our feelings can be laid. When we stand at the mouth of the tunnel, we wonder if our journey through the tunnel will be worthwhile or it would be a journey of uending sorrow and dismay.

When we have given our all and there is none to find in the people we have trusted most for help in times of dispair, life feels like a vessel overrun by the waves of the mighty ocean. It turns and tosses it without regard for anyone one on board. Sometimes, we feel rejected and abandoned when going through some tests in life. We yearn for the cheers that has always kept us going and the hands that has brought us to our feet but we cannot find them.

There is a time in a man"s life when he cannot rely on anyone except the self. One has to look to the man in the mirror who always is with and draw inspiration from him to perform. You should that burning desire to help you survive the challenges on the road and in the tunnel. Look within< and you would know that you are more powerful than you thought you were. Sometimes, the fear of failure and uncertainty keeps our potential within us. We refuse to evolve to become the best we can be when overshadowed in fear. We need to find faith and the believe in ourselves that we can become the best when we are on our own.

We have to have a second view of life from the man in the mirror realise that as "the man in the mirror" life begins we us and from within.

Bright S Acheampong