Our Mission.

Our mission is to become the preferred site for African History through arts and crafts.

Through our products and services, it is our hope that the African, both the natives and those in the diaspora, will come to appreciate the remnants of their history and culture through the products and services they receive here. To appreciate their past and make that conscious effort to help solve those issues confronting the continent today.

 To help creating a positive paradigm shift from negativity to help the individual develop both physically and psychologically to compete on the international market. To appreciate our roots and help restore what has been lost over the years.

Africa today is divided on political, economic, social, religious and cultural backgrounds with most countries still holding allegiance to their colonial masters instead of helping each other to develop through trade and other platforms.
It is our privilege to help provide the platform for all to trade both ideas and goods in the promotion of not only the African but everyone in the world.